ACTION: the first 10 lessons (60 min) for €499,00

We are Ed and Gerda van Voorst. Our driving school is a family business with personal approach, reliability and transparancy as our core values. Due to popular demand and sustainability being one of our core values, we are only offering driving lessons with an electric automatic transmission car. We offer driving lessons in English as well. All information in English can be found on this page. Are you interested? Click here to contact us.


Below you can find the cost for taking driving lessons at our driving school. All prices are based around lessons of 60 minutes.

One driving lesson€ 59,- (60 minuten)
Package automatic car: 35 driving lessons (60 minutes per lesson) + interim test and driving exam€ 2.515,-
Driving exam€ 265,-
Specialized exam for performance anxiety€ 315
Interim test€ 185,-

Camera system

In our cars we have an unique camera system which we use to lift your driving lessons to a higher quality. With these recordings we can watch in detail what you are doing when driving and improve on that with a more targeted approach. You’ll do this with a programme that allows you to analyze your lessons in detail at home. This way, you’ll become more aware about your driving style and how you react in various situations. This is an effective way to progress during your driving lessons. That is why we have invested in this, as it is our wish for you to obtain your driving license in a fast and effective way.

Performance anxiety, driving anxiety or other problems

There are various reasons that could make obtaining your driving license a bit harder. Driving anxiety, for example due to an accident, is something we often see. Performance anxiety could make your driving exam harder. On top of that, sometimes someone need a targeted approach due to issues with concentration (like ADHD) or a different way of social interaction that is needed (for example, due to autism). All these things are not a problem, as we always take a personalized approach for your driving lessons, so we can adjust the driving lessons as much as you need. Our instructors have substantial experience with ADHD, autism, performance anxiety, driving anxiety and various other things that could complicate your lessons.


We offer driving lessons of a high quality. This means that we will always be transparent about your progress, through a special driving app. In this app, you can also manage your driving appointments. As our goal, as well as your goal, is to learn how to drive in a safe manner, we don’t guarantee you can take the driving exam after a certain amount of lessons, as some driving school do. This is because it is extremely hard to predict when someone is ready, as it differs from person to person. Most of the time, these kind of predictions will lead to people taking their driving exam to early. During your lessons, we will decide together when you are ready. We do this not only to prevent our driving school from reaching low success rate, but also to prevent you from losing money and time on a driving exam that you might fail because you are not ready yet.

Theory exam and interim test

While you are doing your driving lessons, you can to an interim exam (tussentijdse toets in Dutch). This is not mandatory. However, it helpts to give you an idea what to to expect during your driving exam later on. An examiner also gives you his objective feedback that we will use during your driving lessons. Lastly, it could also earn you an exemption. During your driving exam, you need to be able to show a few special skills. If you have done these successfully during your interim test, you do not need to show these again during your driving exam. However, the theory exam is mandatory before your driving exam. It shows that you know the rules that apply to traffic in the Netherlands


Feel free to contact us! You can send us an email at info@rijschoolvanvoorst.nl or contact us using this form.